Why Use TechSolutions?


01. Quality Guaranteed

TechSolutions guarantee effective and knowledgeable representation for all customers. A written contract will include quality requirements. Final walk-through or after each project will be done to verify all systems are installed an operate correctly. Our reputation and history of success with our customer's security needs speaks for itself around Fort Wayne and throughout other states. There's no substitution for the best. 

02. Standardization

TechSolutions provides consistency throughout all projects with products and services. 

Standards include: Cleanliness, Labeling, Functionality, Customer Service, Floor Plans, Pictures, Documentation, etc...

03. Documentation

Documentation before and after projects is essential. Bid specifications and our scope of work requires documentation needed before, during, and after the project. Examples: floor plans, product schedules, program settings, work schedule with deadlines, permits, user/installation manuals, change orders, schedule of values, etc...  

04. Coordination

TechSoluions will be apart of every step in the project process. TechSolutions removes the obligation for customers to try and keep track to verify when work is to be started. Once a project is awarded, TechSolutions and the third parties are required to participate in project meetings and ensure coordination is completed with the customer, architect, and other third parties. A proposed work schedule will be created by the contractor and approved by the customer. Set work times will be established and adhered to.  

05. Satisfaction

TechSolutions is here for our customers, with no agendas other than to make sure our customers get the best product, quality, service, and price. TechSolutions can offer the solution that best fits our customer's desires and/or needs. A partnership will be created to provide an array of different products/services through established relationships with manufacturers and distributors. 

06. Training

Any training will be identified at the beginning of the project and will be conducted in a timely manner by trained experts on the products. We strive to have the best solution, highest quality of work, and quality standards done on every project. By having appropriately trained staff to install, quality work can be attained. 


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